Blocking wires and holder

Another tip!  You’ve heard me go on about blocking – I have a set of commercial blocking wires for the task – wires mean that you don’t need to pin out nearly as much; you judt thread the wires through the work and pull them to the right tension.

However, the wires are not cheap – so I give you, courtesy of a forum I visit, a cheaper solution, here.  The terminology is from the US but Ij suspect it’s not that much different here.  It would be worth a try!

Another thing thst a lot of knitters need is something to contain the wool they are working with, she said, ungrammatically, as shouldn’t.  i have a multitude of bags, but some wool really needs to be more contained than that or the outer layer felts – or the cat “helps”, or some other thing happens.  Ther are commercially available solutions, like the fibersphere.  However, I just use a small plastic, round food container thar I found at that grand knitting emporium of Morrisons; I poked a hole through the lid, and voila!  Put the cake of wound wool in the container, thead the end through the hole in the lid, put the lid on, and I wouldn’t say it’s cat-proof, but is closer to it, snd it’s certainly more protected. 🙂


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