Fibre East

Yesterday, I went to Fibre East in Bedfordshire, and had a wonderful time!  I learned many things…

1. Crocs are still worth wearing for comfort, but you have to be prepared for very, very, VERY muddy feet.

2. MoBair has fantastic mohair wool, at incredible prices for odd balls…

3. So does New Forest Mohair 

4. People met from interweb forums continue to be as nice as one expects them to be – I met up with a couple of Ravelers and it was very nice, indeed. 🙂

 So – pictures!

Mohair…ImageImageImageThe three above are all from MoBair – and the balls were one of your earth pounds each!  The dark purple hank – first photo – was still under £8!

From New Forest Mohair:

ImageAnd, as if that weren’t enough…

After teaching the recent course, I decided to spoil myself a bit.  I looked at lots of things – lovely, beautous needles, proper, grown up knitting bags… and all sorts.

Then, I started looking at those links at the bottom of the page on Amazon – you know the ones?

And I found a knitting bag… now, would you like a knitting bag that is a good, solid canvas?  Has six exterior open pocket and two large, Velcro pockets also on the outside? That has a solid shoulder strap and also carry handles?  That has a good number of interior pockets as well?  That is over a foot long and will hold a huge amount?  And has no sharp edges to catch wool?  And costs less than £10???

So would I.  And I am highly amused by the fact that should I ever find a knitting group, I will be showing up with a bag that says, Shires Equestrian on it. Herewith, my bag in use…


And I also treated myself to a bag which may carry knitting but I suspect will also carry all manner of stuff – a JanetBasket bag  – though the one I ordered is black with red piping. 🙂

Now – to finish the current WIP so I can get on to using that lovely mohair! 




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