New swift – and a KILO of wool!

While at Woolfest, I bought a kilo – a KILO – (2.2 lbs) of 3 ply, pure new British wool.

In one hank.

When I tried it on my usual swift, the wool just fell off – the swift couldn’t cope.

So, I looked around, and I ended up buying a Mama Bear Plus swift from these good people.  I was going to buy the bigger one but they talked me out of it and told me this would be sufficient for my needs – and even threw in longer poles for holding the skein (as in, the upright ones).

And, as you can see, it worked a treat:

This is the wool, just on the swift – you can jusssst see the wool coming off it, near the bottom right hand corner…  And this is the wool as it was wound onto the winder…  And this is the result – 13 cakes of wool!

I’m itching to get to it – but there are other things on the needles (a mohair scarf, downstairs, and a Moebius scarf in double knit up here).  I shall be patient – after all, there’s a LOT of it!

And in terms of new wool – while at Fibre East, I bought mohair –   flame coloured mohair, to be exact, and this is a picture of it being wound on the self same swift. 🙂


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2 responses to “New swift – and a KILO of wool!

  1. YIKES!! That’s a lot of yarn! What are your plans for all that gorgeous woollyness?

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