Yarn bowl… and scarf

Now, I quite like some of the yarn bowls out there – they’re lovely, and many of them are hand made.But… I want something I can carry around, and also something rather cheap.  So, at the pound store, I got a vegetable  keeper.  It’s basically a plastic dome, that sits on a base, and the idea is that you put that odd half onion you have left over in the keeper, so you can use the onion another day and so your fridge doesn’t smell like tired onions…

However, if you stick a hole in the top of it (carefully!! And don’t try this at home…), you can put cakes of wool in the keeper, and thread the wool through it and voila! It ends up looking something like these pictures….

  As you might be able to tell, it’s full of the pure wool I mentioned before – which has been used to make a shawl (pictures when I get a chance and a willing model!), and is being used for a scarf at the moment – I’m loving the stitch definition I get with 3.75mm needles…


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