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Baby snuggler!

Well, technically, it’s a baby envelope, but I like the term, “cuddler”.

When I saw the pattern, I really, really wanted to make these for the shop, so I contacted the designer to ask if it would be ok to sell things made from the pattern – and she agreed! 🙂

So, here is the first completed one, made with all acrylic yarns (so that they stand up to the sorts of things babies do…).  I figured that miles and miles and miles of garter stitch in one colour might be a bit boring – to knit and to look at – so I did this one in stripes…  It’s a funny looking thing in the photos, mainly because this house lacks a baby but does have an old, much loved and therefore rather fuzzy teddy bear, who kindly consented to be my model.  Here is Ted, all wrapped up.stripey envelope (2)

And this is how he got that way 🙂  The wrap has one loooong arm, which goes on the outside, and one short arm, which goes on the inside and loooooonnnggg legs, that get wrapped up over the baby’s legs, before anything else happens.  I really enjoyed making this, and I can see many more in the future – after all, I’m going to have a LOT of drafts to read after Easter! 🙂stripey envelope (3) stripey envelope (1)


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Abrabham Lincoln grew up in one, but you can knit one!

A log cabin, of course…  If you’re a quilter, you’re now thinking I’ve taken leave of my senses, because Log Cabin is a well-known quilt pattern, that allows the using up of scraps. (I love quilts, and proudly have two, made by my grandmothers, in the living room).

However, it’s also a knitting technic, developed by someone or other – lots of people claim it as theirs, but it’s so widely known, I have no desire to say who came up with it!  The general idea is simple: knit a garter stitch square (or rectangle – however you shape this first piece will dictate the shape of the rest of the blanket).  Cast off all but one stitch, turn the work 90 degrees, and knit up along the side of the square with a new colour.  Knit (garter stitch) for x ridges, ending back at the corner where you began with the new colour.  Cast off that colour to the last stitch, do not cast off, turn, add new colour, knit up along the side, knit X ridges (the same number each time) ad infinitum. (There are lots of patterns out there, if you want a better detailed explanation – look here among other places).

I’m making one to use up the bits and pieces of DK I have in baby sorts of colours – and also because I have a shed load of marking due at the end of the week and I need something fairly mindless to keep my hands busy then – I figure by that time, the blanket will be big enough that I will have LONG rows of garter stitch to do!

log cabin (2)  In this picture, you can get the idea of how it works, I hope.  I’ve done these before, when I needed to a. use up wool, and b. have something mindless to knit. I’ve given away a number of these blankets – being entirely in garter stitch, they are lovely and soft and warm. (I also have one downstairs, for keeping warm while watching TV and knitting!).

log cabin with cat This is one I did some time ago, which I put down to photograph, but of course, that couldn’t happen until it had been inspected…. 🙂

Doing the constant adding-in-of-wool means that there are lots of ends.  This is annoying – when one has finished something, darning in all those ends takes time! log cabin (4) However, it’s possible to make that job a lot easier.

As you knit in the new colour, pass the ends of the wool – both cut ends (old and new colour) OVER the wool that you are using to make a stitch. This is difficult to explain but easy to do – like so many things in life. log cabin (1)  The pink in this picture is the working wool, the purple is the one I am weaving in.  Do this over-the-working-wool every other stitch for as long as the wool lasts.  That way, when you come to the end of the work, all you need to do is snip off any little tiny bits that stick out – the rest are already safely woven in!

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Still alive! And blankets!

I know it’s been a frightfully long time since I’ve posted – work + life = lack of time…

But I haven’t stopped knitting!  And I’ve taken to making baby blankets, alongside other things… here are three I’ve finished.

The first is a hap blanket – along the lines of a traditional hap shawl.  The idea is that one makes a garter stitch square (triangle, for a shawl) and then picks up stitches around the edges (two, for a shawl) and provides a decorative border.  This is done in a lovely, soft, white acrylic.

Why acrylic, I hear you ask? Because babies, while delightful in their way, are not always a great respecter of persons and/or expensive fabrics and I don’t remember using much for my own babies that I couldn’t lob in the washing machine! Also – wool and baby’s skin might not go together so well….  The blanket is just about 40 inches per side (it’s actually a bit more but that measurement will do – it’s so springy it’s hard to measure!). 

The next two are made with Magi-Knit from James Brett.  Again, acrylic, but this time in BRIGHT colours!

The first is a very simple, feather and fan pushchair blanket. It’s not overly large – I remember having all kinds of trouble with large blankets and pushchairs!  It has a crocheted edging, just to give it a bit of a finished look.  I thought about tassels, and then I thought about pushchair wheels…

The last one was fun to do – they were all fun but this one in particular was, because it’s such a different shape. Is your baby a star? A colourful star? Then you *need* this blanket!  It’s 19 inches from point to centre (so, I figure, 38 inches across).  

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