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Still alive!

I know it’s been a very long time…. blame it on the lifestyle :}

However, I have not been idle!

I’ve been knitting for charity….   Another of the marvelous Surplice jackets, E Zimmerman’s pattern 2014-12-20 23.59.22 made with stash yarn, as were these – a Five Hour baby coat2014-12-20 23.58.47, another jumper 2014-12-20 23.58.17 and various hats and scarves…2014-11-18 17.04.49 2014-11-18 17.05.21 2014-11-18 17.04.13.  I also made a shawl for me (which is fairly rare!)blue pi (1).

Over the holidays, I’m trying to get a bit more organised… taking a cue from lovely people on Ravelry and also a few other places, I got a fisherman’s rig wallet – it’s amazing! It holds all of my circular needles, and all of my interchangeables, and cords – and all my crochet hooks, and stitch markers and everything! It’s not small (it’s pictured on a two seater sofa, for scale) but it’s going to be very handy!photo 5 photo 1 photo 3 photo 4



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More photos of the shawl

Sorry to spam you but I’m really pleased with how this turns out – it seems that all the good things that people say about this wool are true!  The shawl is just over 60 inches long, and each front section is just over 20 inches wide – but as it grows rather a lot in the making, you can see how much lee way there is in the body of the shawl… The dress form is a full size one. (The slight white bit on the front is due to a lack of black on the dress form at that point, rather than a fault in the shawl).

2013-05-20 07.56.18 2013-05-20 07.56.22 2013-05-20 07.56.49 2013-05-20 07.57.16 2013-05-20 07.58.02 2013-05-20 07.58.19 2013-05-20 07.59.14


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You may remember that I was making a scrumptious shawl – the lace is called scrumptious. 🙂  There’s a post about it here.

Well, FINALLY, I got round to blocking it today!  It’s drying as I type…  I was worried it might be too small, but, um, well… scrumptious pi blocking scrumptious blocking  (2) scrumptious blocking  (3) scrumptious blocking  (1)That’s on a king size bed!

I’ve used blocking wires for a long time – but this was the first time I’d used the springy, bendy ones that come in the pack – and am I ever so glad they’re there!  The shawl is a pi shawl – so it’s a basic U shape.  The bendy wires allowed me to run the wire through the border, and just puuuuullllll them gently out till the shawl was, in fact, U shaped. 🙂

And, of course, the entire thing took place under the watchful eye of her majesty of quality control…2013-05-19 10.44.45 2013-05-19 10.44.41


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Glorious garter

Every so often, I decide that I need to knit something other than fine lace.  It doesn’t tend to last long, but while it lasts, I knit DK.

And I’ve wanted comfort knitting for a while – I’m in the process of changing jobs (eep!) and buying a house (eek!) and so on – comfort knitting, for the win!  Miles and miles and MILES of garter stitch, please.

But not in just one colour.

So – glorious garter creations…

First, covers for an IPad.  I have an IPad one, which is being used to model these covers.  The first is ribbed, then garter, the ribbing…2013-05-04 11.46.55 2013-05-04 11.47.15 2013-05-04 11.47.27  The second, is all garter, but is envelope shaped, and is sideways.  Or, it’s the right way up and the first one is sideways – whichever.

2013-05-04 11.48.21 2013-05-04 11.48.07 2013-05-04 11.47.55

I also finished another baby envelope or cuddler, but as it looks very much like the first one, I’ve not put pictures in.

I did, however, finally block the grey shawl – I’m quite pleased with the result.2013-05-02 10.12.192013-05-02 10.12.32 2013-05-02 10.12.50 2013-05-02 10.12.54

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I’ve finished a couple more scarves – one out of the wondrous Poems Superba and one of the sparkly, frilly scarves. The photos are ok for now but should we ever get actual sunshine (rather than greyness, reflected off snow), I will update them…  This is the blue, sparkly scarf….2013-02-11 10.43.08 2013-02-11 10.43.01 2013-02-11 10.42.35  It’s actually quite long – hence the photo with it wrapped around!  The colours of the superba are, well, superb – this is a picture of the recent shawl and the scarf, both blocked and sitting on the blocking mat – this is in the sun, so you can see the colours a bit better 2013-02-11 10.41.53  These are of the scarf – it’s come out really well, I think, though I clearly need to pay more attention to the background in photos (she says, seeing the duvet cover sliding off the radiator in back). 2013-02-11 10.41.31 2013-02-11 10.40.59 2013-02-11 10.40.48The scarf is a simple razor shell pattern – it seemed to work.

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Moving on….

Well, the shawl is finished and up for sale; I think it looks quite good (better against that white shirt!). 2013-02-04 08.15.58 2013-02-04 08.14.32 It’s made from Rico Designs Superba Poems, which looks like this:  2013-02-02 18.25.40.

I’ve also made a small bookmark (7 inches) out of some left over Lace Ball, and blocking it looked frankly ridiculous:2013-02-04 08.16.29.  But the final object is nice, for a rugged sort of bookmark (for tough going reading?).2013-02-04 08.18.05.

And I have found another wonderful aid to this whole project – I remembered that my mother had a pin holder thing that was magnetic.  Having shopped around (and refusing to pay £14!), I found one at HobbyCraft – and it’s saving me a great deal of time! You just get the pins in its general direction and it grabs them and *holds them* – hurrah!2013-02-04 08.18.16

And, because why not (it’s Monday, we need something to make us smile), here is a gratuitous photo of my cat, having a conversation with my husband…conversation

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New shawl!

I first have to admit that the baby blanket in the previous post has suffered from almost certain fatal user error – I was trying to end with a band of white around the entire square, and somehow ended up not finishing one corner properly – but as I was just knitting merrily away while marking, I wasn’t paying attention and it was all skew wiff.

/sad face.

However, I’ve already put some of the wool to good use, in making the first of a number of small friends – from a pattern by Knotsewcute – the Chubby Owl Family.  Here is my first one:2013-02-02 16.07.39

One should make the eyes with felt – but I thought these glued-on eyes would do.  I’ve since acquired larger eyes, which might lend more intelligence to the look of the bird, but I think he’s quite sweet, anyway. 🙂

And I’ve finished a shawl, (hence the title of the post); it’s in Rico Designs Poem and the colours are *wonderful*.  See for yourself – this is a picture of it just started:2013-01-22 09.22.30

These pictures are of it blocking – so you have to realise that it’s WET, and therefore slightly darker than it will be when it dries:

2013-02-02 15.51.45 2013-02-02 15.51.32 2013-02-02 15.51.29  (Apologies if the last two give anyone vertigo – I’m not at all sure how I managed that angle!).  You can see how the colours ripple through.

I realised at the last Knuston course, when people were coming through to have a look at things I had on sale, that what seemed to matter was colour; I suspect only a knitter is going to stand there and say, “Oh, wow! Look at that – horseshoe lace, blending seamlessly into razor shell – I must have that!”.  What people seemed to be saying was, “Ohhhh, wow, look at the colours!”.

This pleases me as I love working with lovely colours. 🙂

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