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Can can

  Not the dance – the wool. When you unwrap it from the ball, it looks like the first picture. But when you pull it apart a bit, it looks like this:

 You knit through the top of it, and just knitting five stitches in garter stitch (which is very tedious because you have to flay the wool out for EVERY STITCH), you get  a scarf that looks like this:

.  That’s a tad over-exposed, the actual colours are darker and nicer. 🙂





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Green Reflections – ongoing

This is my “upstairs knitting” as per the entry a while back.

Although I enjoy knitting lace, sometimes the wool does all the work – and with Reflections, that’s often the case.

I’m doing a Pi shawl, and just using Yarn over/K2 together for the occasional decoration.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

  I know it looks lumpy – that’s just being bunched up on the keyboard for the photo! It’s also not *quite* that bright – again, a function of having enough light to show up.

What I hope you can see in this photo, though, is the sparkle that’s part of the wool…. I really like this wool – and in spite of the fact that it looks as though it should be scratchy, it’s not! 🙂

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Shiny, new, and very tempting!

These wools have just arrived – from the apparently wonderful RKM wools – they were ordered on Thursday!

The first is one of the Reflections range – it was on sale at about half price, so I’ll be making a number of things with it.  The colours are very subtle, I think.

The other two – they’re the ones I really want to get working on! (Yes, I am certifiably insane. They are cobweb weight. That’s one ply – they’re just slightly thicker than sewing cotton).  The rather yellowy-orange one may be a bit tedious but I suspect it will be lovely when done.

The other one – the colours are, as husband says, “autumnal”.  If I can’t knit only in black, this is a good substitute…

And best thing? Cobweb weight – 50 gm – that’s over 800 metres of wool – 100% merino – it was four of your earth pounds! £4!  (I probably shouldn’t tell you this, because you’ll all go to the site and buy it all before I get a chance to get more of it.  Please to be forgetting that you have seen this).

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